ClearType workaround and Global control settings

This is a Global Template that configures some properties of some controls in all the application, for example, it can make all ENTRY fields FLAT, color REQuired fields, show a hand () cursor when over buttons etc. (check 'Template Prompts Reference' below for a full list).

Also, Clarion 6 and older have a problem with ENTRY field with an OpenType/Truetype font in computers where ClearType is enabled:

Windows Vista and Windows 7 enable Cleartype by default in PCs with LCD monitors. Clarion 7 fixes this problem, but as it may take a while for Clarion developers to port all applications to Clarion 7, this template worksaround the problem by configuring entry field to another font not affected by the problem.

Template Prompts Reference:

Disable: Disables all code generation for this template.

Fix Cleartype for ENTRY/SPIN/DROP/COMBO: Replaces the font of those controls with a Bitmap font

Bitmap Font: The font to use. It must be a Bitmap font.

Set Flat ENTRY/SPIN/DROP/COMBO/TEXT/LIST: Changes FLAT property for those controls to True

Set Boxed TEXT: Set the BOXED property for TEXT controls to true

Set color for REQ ENTRY/SPIN/DROP/COMBO/TEXT: Changes the color of those controls if they have the REQ property. It helps the users to identify what info must be entered before pressing Accept (i.e. instead of pressing Accept to find out which fields are required).

Color: The color to use for required field. Default is:

Declare ColorReq() procedure: It declares a procedure to update the color of a control if you change the REQ property programmatically, for example:

    IF PO:IsShipped = True
      ?PO:Address{PROP:Req} = True
      ?PO:Address{PROP:Req} = False

Set cursor for BUTTON: Changes the cursor property of all buttons in the application so the mouse shows a little hand like Internet Explorer:

Cursor: The cursor file to use. IEHAND.CUR is included, but you can choose your own.

Set Icon for WINDOW: Set the icon for all windows in the application:

Icon: The icon file to use. SCA32.ICO is included in the example application, but you'll want to use your own.


Templates are compatible with Clarion 5.5 and 6.x (not needed with >7.x), ABC Templates. All source code is included, no black boxes.

Demo program and Documentation

If you want to see these features in action, please download the demo program.

The full documentation is available to read or download in the Downloads section.

Also, you can watch a short video.

Price and How to order

The templates chain is sold for US$39. The price includes one year of updates. To read more about how to order follow this link, or go directly to the order page.


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