Browse to Clipboard to Excel

Excel is the new Paper. Many users don't feel they have the information in their hands until they have it an Excel sheet.

This global extension template adds a menu option to the popup menu (right click) of all the browses in the application. The menu option  copies the browse's data to the clipboard, and prompts the user to automatically paste and format it in a new Excel sheet.

If the user clicks on "No", the data can still be pasted manually in the Excel sheet in any position:

If you prefer to have the feature more visible to the user, there is a Button Control Template which can be populated for each browse:


Templates are compatible with Clarion 5.5, 6.x, 7.x, 8.x and 9.x, ABC Templates. All source code is included, no black boxes.

Demo program and Documentation

If you want to see these features in action, please download the demo program.

The full documentation is available to read or download in the Downloads section.

Also, you can watch a short video.

Price and How to order

The templates chain is sold for US$39. The price includes one year of updates. To read more about how to order follow this link, or go directly to the order page.


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