Auto Next-Tab

(To avoid confusion, in this text TAB is the controls container inside a SHEET, and Tab is the keyboard key)

If you have a form with many fields and you organize them in TABs, if the user uses the Tab key to navigate the controls, when the Tab key is pressed in the last filed of the first TAB, the cursor goes to the next field after the SHEET, when usually the user wants to go to the first field of the next TAB.

Standard behavior:


With the template active:


Templates are compatible with Clarion 5.5, 6.x, 7.x, 8.x and 9.x, ABC Templates. All source code is included, no black boxes.

Demo program and Documentation

If you want to see these features in action, please download the demo program.

The full documentation is available to read or download in the Downloads section.

Also, you can watch a short video.

Price and How to order

The templates chain is sold for US$39. The price includes one year of updates. To read more about how to order follow this link, or go directly to the order page.


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