SCA is a software development and consulting firm founded in 1993. It specializes in accounting and payroll solutions, with full compliance with tax and legal requirements. It also develops custom and vertical market solutions. It currently has clients in five states in northwest México.

Carlos Gutiérrez is the founder and head developer of SCA. He started developing his first accounting solution in 1988 in a mini-computer platform. He started using Clarion in 1991 (DOS) and was one of 183 persons who voted yes for the creation of the comp.lang.clarion newsgroup in 1994. He has participated in some of the pre-release access programs for major Clarion versions, like the Clarion for Windows beta (1994), Clarion 6.0 Early Access Program (2002) and the Clarion 7 Alpha pre-release (2007).

SCA Micro Templates is a 20-percent time project of Carlos Gutiérrez. It's a release of some of the templates used internally at SCA for development. The templates are re-grouped for distribution, translated to English, and documented. In the process they have new features implemented and are tested against newer technologies.



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