If you are a Clarion developer, you may be interested in adding these features to your applications:

thbrxlsBrowse to Clipboard to Excel
Copy browse data to the Clipboard, and automatically paste it in Excel and apply Autoformat.
thinvisThe Invisible Calculator
Type arithmetic expressions in numeric entry fields and they are evaluated when the field is accepted.
thcleartype ClearType workaround and Global control settings
Replaces fonts to avoid Cleartype problem in Clarion 6 and older, and globally set properties like required fields color, flat property, etc.
thautonext Auto Next-Tab
Automatically navigate to the next Tab when the last field in a Tab is accepted.

thbrheader Browse Header Sort
Change the browse sort order (Default and  Conditional Behavior) by clicking in a column's header, show a different locator for each sort order. Click again for reverse order.
thbrreverse Browse Reverse key order
Configure browses to show data in descending order using an ascending order key.
thbrmulti Repeat insert with refresh
Return to the form after inserting a record, with browse refresh.
threfresh Refresh window button
Button to refresh the window when data is being updated by other users.
thdaterange Date range button
Button to fill a pair of date controls with commonly used preset date ranges.

ClearType fix and global control settings

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